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Detroit Celebrates $1 Billion in Affordable Housing Investment Milestone in 5 Years

Detroit Michigan
April 22, 2024

As the nationwide housing crisis rages on, the city of Detroit is celebrating a milestone in its efforts to invest in and create more affordable housing in the past five years. Nearly 5,000 units have been added to Detroit's affordable housing stock and over $1 billion has been invested thanks to its city council, partners, developers, and the mayor. The community-oriented mission was "to ensure that longtime Detroiters of all income levels can live in any neighborhood they choose" and to prevent homelessness and tent cities that are commonly seen in other major metro areas.

NEF is proud to be a partner on several affordable housing developments in Detroit, including housing that serves LGBTQ+ youth, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and permanent supportive housing. Our vision is that all individuals and families across the country can reach their full potential through access to stable, safe and affordable homes, and we are committed to ending the homelessness crisis.

Learn more about Detroit's efforts in this article.

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