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Introducing Our 2023 Charles L. Edson Award Winners

NEF is honored to have invested in three (3) affordable housing developments recognized as Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition's (AHTCC) 2023 Charles L. Edson Award Winners. These developments were selected along with 7 others in 10 categories. Read more about each of these outstanding developments below!

Check out NEF's 3 Award Winners and 3 Finalists Recognized in the AHF's 2023 Readers' Choice Awards

Ruth Ellis Clairmount (REC) Center - Edson

Ruth Ellis Clairmount (REC) Center - 2023 Charles L. Edson Award Housing for Special Populations WINNER

Detroit, MI | Full Circle Communities and Ruth Ellis Center

Full Circle Communities and the Ruth Ellis Center partnered on REC (Ruth Ellis Clairmount) Center, a 43-unit mixed-used permanent supportive housing development in Detroit. REC Center targets youth at risk of homelessness or living with disabilities, as well as LGBTQ+ youth (age 18 to 24) with very low incomes—rents are affordable to those earning at or below 30 percent of the Area Median Income with the help of Project Based Section 8 subsidies. The property is designed to foster communal living and encourage peer support networks and independent living skills. A wellness center offers services largely tailored to serve the LGBTQ+ population.

The REC Center has won several prestigious awards since its construction including 2023 AHF Readers' Choice Award in the Permanent Supportive Housing category, 2023 Charles L. Edson Award Winner in the Housing for Special Populations category, and 2022 CREW Detroit Impact Award in the Special Impact Project category. 

Mamook Tokatee (Edson winner)

Mamook Tokatee - 2023 CHARLES L. EDSON AWARD Housing for Native Americans or Tribal Communities WINNER

Portland, OR | Community Development Partners (CDP) & Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)

Mamook Tokatee offers 55 units of affordable housing in Portland’s Cully neighborhood. The development’s name is a Chinook Wawa phrase for “make beautiful,” which highlights the main purpose for this development: to support Native artists who are revered as Native culture keepers. Community Development Partners and Native American Youth and Family Center combined efforts to provide ample space for Native community programs and art creation through Mamook Tokatee. There are 11 units with a preference for artists and 20 units reserved for Native tenants with a priority for Siletz tribal members. The remaining 24 units prioritize other federally recognized tribal members. Residents and artists can remain in Portland and connect with their community and culture without worrying about gentrification and the risk of homelessness. 

Mamook Tokatee is a 2023 Charles L. Edson Award winner in the Housing for Native Americans category. NEF invested $13.8 million in LIHTC equity in this unique development. 

Hilltop View Apartments (Edson Winner 2023)

Hilltop View Apartments - 2023 Charles L. Edson Award Housing for Veterans Winner

Dexter, MI | Avalon Housing

Hilltop View Apartments (HTV) is a 24-unit affordable housing development in Dexter, Michigan, a rural community near Ann Arbor. Fifteen units are Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) apartments with rental assistance, which means that tenants pay roughly 30 percent of their income towards rent. Of these 15, six are homes for veterans. The remaining units are workforce/moderate-income housing units with rents below Dexter fair market rates.

HTV was developed in collaboration with Faith in Action (FIA), a local faith-based non-profit. Avalon Housing developed and manages the property, and FIA provides support and community-building services available to all residents. More than half of HTV’s residents receive supportive services from FIA. To combat food insecurity in the community, HTV has provided space for a large permanent food pantry and community center to benefit residents and community members alike.

Hilltop View Apartments is a 2023 Charles L. Edson Award Winner in the Housing for Veterans category. NEF invested $7.6 million in LIHTC equity in this development. 

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